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Pianoma Club - Pick your Award🏆

Find your level, choose your award and ask your piano teacher about it.


NOTE: New rewards will be added from time to time, check the website for updates 😉

Level 1 - MiniMozart

Mozart was a child prodigy on the piano, he liked it very much and as a child he began to make his own songs. Are you up for it?


Level 2 - Note Explorer

You've become an intrepid score explorer and reading sheet music is now a breeze. Such a powerhouse!


Level 3 - Allegro Adventurer

Not only do you know how to read the notes in your score, but you can also play very fast - amazing!


Level 4 - Little Virtuoso

You see scores with a lot of black notes, but nothing scares you. You're the bravest and you concentrate until you get it right - fantastic, keep it up!